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NCC Akron – News Release

NCCAkron Selects Three Female Choreographers for “Dancing Laboratory” with LA-based dance company BODYTRAFFIC. “Akron is the newest home to a place where artists can . . . set the bounds of dance – and then break through those bounds with creative new ideas.” – Akron Beacon Journal AKRON, Ohio – (Aug. __, 2017) – The […]


by Joseph Kudra Transition in Latin, “tansire” translates to “go across,” and that is just what I did. On June 7th, 2015 the morning after the farewell performance of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet and my final bow with the company I boarded a plane at JFK headed across the United States to LAX. Reflecting back […]

Lillian reflects on DanceMotion USA

Read more about Lillian’s thoughts few months after BODYTRAFFIC returned from their residencies in the Middle East.  

Beyond Asana

by Christina Bodie I spent most of my youth training to be at the top of the dance field. While I always valued having a balanced life, dance inevitably became a large part of my world, and therefore I had a deep attachment to all the things that went along with that identity. I can […]