In Solidarity

BODYTRAFFIC stands in solidarity with the Black community against racism, injustice, and violence.  Today, it is important for us to announce, in a loud, clear and unified voice, the actions we promise to take to help combat racial injustice, in our home of Los Angeles, throughout our country, and worldwide.

First, it is urgent that all of us increase our level of awareness of Black history and ongoing systemic racism.  In this regard, we will provide stipends for employees towards the purchase of books, films, or other educational resources to further our knowledge in an effort towards making radical change.  

BODYTRAFFIC supports the Black community in its efforts to affect political change.  We will offer support to anyone in our organization who would like to organize or attend protests.  Additionally, we pledge to donate to organizations of each employee’s choice.

BODYTRAFFIC commits to take the following actions to build and maintain an anti-racist organization:

We also greatly value input in gathering ways we can strengthen our commitment to this cause.  We are here to listen and work together towards radical and necessary change.  

-Tina Berkett and Lillian Barbeito
BODYTRAFFIC, Founders and Artistic Directors